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  • Clean Cooking Solutions for Rural Nepal – GS7544 – 2021

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    The project involves promotion of improved cooking stoves (ICS) to the people of socially deprived community; specifically to the Dalits (the so called untouchables) and Janajatis (indigenous people). The project intends to avail the households with clean cooking solutions; thereby, displacing the less efficient traditional cooking stoves from the kitchen with stoves of better efficiency. Replacement of the traditional cooking stoves with ICS will reduce the exposure of the family members, specifically women, to the indoor air pollution and therefore result in saving of health related expenses. Each stoves disseminated under the project will potentially reduce the firewood consumption by half.

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  • GSXX123 (test-product)

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    The purpose of this small scale Programme of Activities (“SSC-PoA”) is the dissemination of efficient cooking stoves in Bangladesh.

    The Programme will promote two broad categories of Improved Cooking Stoves (“ICS”):

    • Domestic biomass-burning stoves

    • Non-domestic biomass-burning stoves

    ICS’s disseminated under this PoA are more efficient in transferring heat from the fuel to the pot than the so called traditional stoves. During the course of the PoA, the goal of the PoA is to transform the kitchens of households in Bangladesh through the sale and distribution of ICS. The ICS will have multiple benefits of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, reducing pressure on forests and woody biomass resources, and also reducing indoor air pollution associated with use of traditional stoves.

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  • Integrated Domestic Energy Systems (IDES) for Clean Energy access and clean cooking in rural households in India – GS7466 – 2019

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    The project involves providing access to clean and affordable cooking energy services in various states of India through dissemination of improved, energy efficient forced draft technology based biomass cookstoves (ICS) replacing use of traditional / non efficient biomass cookstoves. A hybrid version of the SHLS, the IDES is an integrated system that provides a clean cooking solution in addition to a solar panel, two light points and a mobile charging facility. Developed to address the other major concern of indoor air pollution in rural households, the system addresses basic lighting and cooking energy requirements and reduces emissions by 30%. The forced draft improved cook stove is improvised based on locally available materials and adapted to suit the region and usage behavior and is designed to provide 4 hours of cooking time in a day.

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