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  • Household Biogas plants in selected districts of Assam – GS11190 – vintage 2022

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    The project activity involves bundling 5,000 household biogas plants located in rural parts of Assam in India commissioned from March 2020 onwards. The biogas plants are primarily deenbandhu model. The project biogas plant replaces commonly used inefficient wood fired mud stoves thereby replacing firewood consumption. The household biogas plants utilize cattle dung in the digester for the production of biogas which is burnt in gas stoves for household cookings. This leads to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by displacing conventionally used non-renewable biomass with renewable biogas. In addition, the hygienic conditions in the rural areas will be improved by an appropriate disposal of waste. Further, residue from the bio digesters can be used as organic fertilizer and will improve soil fertility in rural areas. Project activity will contribute towards sustainable development by replacing firewood with biogas generated from the biodigesters.

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