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  • Improved Cooking Stoves in Bangladesh – GS10833 – 2020

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    The purpose of this small scale Programme of Activities (“SSC-PoA”) is the dissemination of efficient cooking stoves in Bangladesh.

    The Programme will promote two broad categories of Improved Cooking Stoves (“ICS”):

    • Domestic biomass-burning stoves

    • Non-domestic biomass-burning stoves

    ICS’s disseminated under this PoA are more efficient in transferring heat from the fuel to the pot than the so called traditional stoves. During the course of the PoA, the goal of the PoA is to transform the kitchens of households in Bangladesh through the sale and distribution of ICS. The ICS will have multiple benefits of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, reducing pressure on forests and woody biomass resources, and also reducing indoor air pollution associated with use of traditional stoves.

    The ID (GS10833) refers to the Program of Activity, and there is a group of IDs underneath this PoA ID’s. For this specific group of 2018 vintages, the IDs are GS10974, GS10976, GS10977 & GS10981.

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