Welcome to VNV Advisory‘s b2b certified carbon credits marketplace.

A few words about this site:

VNV offers some of her spot, forward volumes and pre-financing options through this b2b website, aimed at resellers, brokers, carbon desks, investors, family offices and basically any high-volume end-customer. This means the volumes will be mostly high or consist of whole issuance’s, and if not spot, there will always be pre-payments involved.

Because of the forward-nature of most of the presented possibilities, let the word ‘stock’ not confuse you here as it refers to the total volume that we’re looking to forward contract, or that we offer to reserve when pre-investing in a new project.

Some pre-financing structures will be very straightforward, others formulated in less detail and more meant to give you enough information to decide if this is something you would be interested in to discuss in more detail with VNV Advisory’s Sales team.

So consider this website not as a regular webshop, but more as a convenient way of keeping you up to dateĀ  about what’s going on at VNV Advisory. Some of the options shown here might be under discussion or option already, we’ll try to depict that in the best way possible here.

So please take a look around, and inform us if you have any feedback, remarks or (future) requests!