Welcome to VNV Advisory’s Carbon Credit Market!

You’re about to enter our webshop, where we exclusively display spot, forward or pre-financing options for VNVs own community based certified projects.

Three sound reasons to consider reserving your credits with VNV:
1. Un-traded credits, directly from the projects themselves
2. Usually, over 90% of the market price (!) is paid out to those projects
3. To be used in further support of the communities that run cookstoves, clean water, afforestation, sustainable rice, mangrove or agroforestry programs.

Feel free to take a look around, you can reserve your credits through the check-out system, after which we’ll contact you to enter into a mutually agreed VERPA, will transfer or retire the credits and provide you with an invoice, payable to VNV Advisory in Singapore.

If you’re interested in forward or pre-financing options, get in touch so we can provide you with specific input about timelines and conditions.